Bo knows Chantal nudity

Last week Bo Derek was in Santa Anita Park’s Chandelier Room with a horse and a photographer. It was a shoot featuring a beautiful nude woman astride the animal.
But the nude model wasn’t Bo Derek, it was jockey and actress Chantal Sutherland. The photo shoot was Bo’s idea, which she sold to Vanity Fair.

This was no simple set-up, as Bo’s request required Santa Anita officials to figure out how to get a horse up to the Chandelier Room on the third level of Santa Anita. The solution? The horse rode the freight elevator, of course.

One other seeming hurdle for officials: Chantal must have been granted a temporary waiver since she clearly isn’t conforming to the strict Turf Club dress code!

Click here to see Vanity Fair’s behind-the-scenes video featuring moments like the photo below.

— By Scott Hettrick


  1. lael blocker says

    I am shocked and saddened to see this on the front page of our local web site.
    Yes, it’s news, but in the “best city in California to raise kids,” do we need to get on the “anything goes” bandwagon and showcase something many of us find vulgar and in poor taste, at the very least?

  2. John says

    A picture of a lovely young woman, on an awesome, splendid animal, in a
    impressive, dignified environment….what is the problem? “Best city to raise kids” claims a letter writer, thus a complaining letter writer (re the female jockeys lack of clothes!) claims it is “vulgar and in poor taste.”

    What do “kids” have to do with it? Do you teach your kids a woman without clothes is vulgar? A horse is vulgar? A huge, expensive, well-designed and decorated is vulgar?

    Duhhh !

  3. lael blocker says

    Regardless, haven’t we seen enough? How about NOW a showcase picture of our fabulous Lee Segal?

  4. kid says

    Well if you let your kids watch violent movies or video games what is wrong with a nude woman?. You can’t even see any privates really.
    Arcadia that I grew up in was a creative town.

  5. Antoinette says

    She looks like a 2bit hooker in a porno shot. Very nice and classy! Cheap, tawdry, and lame. I grew up in Arcadia too, not that that has one thing to do with this.

  6. says

    We posted this link from our Facebook group. This is art work. If you visit an art museum in Europe, you will notice that artists have been painting nude women for hundreds of years. They send third graders on field trips to art museums.

  7. Antoinette says


    This is artwork in YOUR opinion. Hustler is artwork to some too. DO any capacity try to force your views on others. I live in America. A country people fled Europe in droves to come to. Would this still be artwork if your daughter was the girl in this picture? Would you enjoy having men and boys using this image to pleasure themselves? I can guarantee you this photo is not to be compared with the “nudes” of old…this is pornography. Maybe it is people like you who are willing to turn a blind eye to everything that has to do with the demise of our kids who are od’ing on heroin in unprecedented numbers, kids having sex in school..etc. Don’t tell me this has nothing to do with that. It has everything to do with it. Be a man…Be a woman!…seems to me you all are more afraid of standing up for decency, than concerned with appearing cool. I guess then that your wife doesn’t mind your copy of Hustler magazine on the coffetable for your kids to look through while watching TV? Especially your 3rd graders. Then when your daughter simulates this “beautiful image” for her boyfriend and sends the photo on her iphone, well Im sure that’ll be good for her future. I imagine now that I will be banned from commenting here in the future. It will be worth it and also interesting to see if this site is big enough to allow views other than those who seem to think themselves the “correct voice”.

  8. lael blocker says

    Scott, the editor, would never ban someone for expressing their opinion!
    And I, for one, appreciate yours!

  9. Greg Tober says


    I agree with most of your opinions about this. Where we differ, is I see this as art, and you don’t. One of my favorite restaurants,is the Northwoods Inn. The Northwoods has paintings on display of nude women. In my opinion the only thing obscene and perverted about Northwoods, is the ridiculous amount of calories in their cheese bread.

  10. Brenda says

    WOW! CALM DOWN aNTOINETTE! You certainly do not have the “correct voice” either. Now that we know how you really feel guess what who cares. Great pic and very tasteful.

  11. Sam says

    Chantal Sutherland sure showed what a slut she is and how little respect she has for herself by posing for this photo.

  12. lael blocker says

    Sam, I have heard others say this also. I think it’s a shame someone who is a role model for young girls felt this was a necessary thing to do. In an interview when asked why she did it, Chantal said, “It was just the right time.” Does this imply that all successful women with a decent body would of course pose nude?!

  13. Brenda says

    It is interesting to me that there is such negativity surrounding this whole nude pic! So everyone has their opinion, but to call her a slut is a bit much. I wonder what you look at. To call her that is like getting mad at someone for eating a donut because your on a diet. Life is too short to be so judgemental. Focus on doing something to do to make you happy instead of so holier than thou.

  14. lael blocker says

    Brenda, there are still some of us out here who support values and morality. It has nothing to do with judgement or jealousy. Today there seems to be no right or wrong–anything goes. This way no one is accountable. Sorry, I believe in those old Christian principles where a nude woman with her behind up in the air is blatant porno. Chantal said, in the interview I mentioned above, that it was okay because she had “panties” on for the shoot and they air brushed them out. Guess even she thought it wouldn’t be proper to show it all! Respect your opinion, but don’t be so quick to “judge” others who do not agree.

  15. Lois says

    A gorgeous picture of two gorgeous specimens of nature. All I can say about all you naysayers is that if you looked so good and were a famous jockey in a man’s sport you’d be doing the same thing – if the offer even came to you. Get off your “high horse” hypocrites! You’re just totally jealous.

  16. says

    and the same will should apply to you as well. I also support values and morality but doing so does not give anyone the right to call someone a slut. I am not saying you are jealous by any means, but what I am sayng is that we all have an opinion and if we don’t like something we see then don’t look. What other people do in their lives whether they are accountable or not should never be a problem of yours unless it effects you and your life directly. This seems to be such an issue with people nowadays. What other people do is none of your business or mine. I am not quick to “judge” others who do not agree, and I too respect your opinion. I just don’t see the need to call her a slut or what you call blatant porno. I see no comparison here to porn and “christian principles”.And why is it that people who are so proud to be Christian are so mean spirited and look for the wrong in everything out there. I thought to be Christian meant to be compassionate.

  17. lael blocker says

    Christians do believe some things ARE wrong, Brenda. I do have compassion–for the young girls who will grow up thinking this is okay. At any rate, it has been a lively discussion!

  18. dan says

    Wow call someone a 2bit hooker? You should read your bible about judging others. You can read right? Why dont you hit yourself over the head with your bible while your at it. Horse shoulda had a 10 on it,cause thats what she is.she has more talent and guts than you ever will. Dont be a hater player.

  19. Brenda says

    It is interesting how the name caller hasn’t responded since she spewed her last bit of dribble. Guess we should consider ourselves lucky. Although I am ready for her next little bit o’ crap!

  20. Kentucky boy says

    I like to see her ride a race like this and watch all the boy jockeys……she’s a damn good jockey all you haters go back to your nest’s

  21. Lindsey says

    Beautiful! Animal and human. My Mom is 91 years old and a very good artist. She always went to workshops and came home with beautiful pencil sketches of the human body. All sorts of people, beautiful, wrinkled, brown, white, young, and old. The models for the workshop were from all works of life and paid for coming in and posing. I was very modest and could never have posed but some peole don’t have the inhibitions, thank goodness. There is so much obscene material and actions out there, so please take objections elsewhwere.

  22. Steve says

    December 24 2012:
    I too lived in Arcadia for most of my childhood. Then we bought a home and moved east of the valley. We moved to a better place out in the country away from the hectic life of the city. I lived on Huntington Dr. just west of Santa Anita Blvd. (10 houses away on the south side now all apartments jungles) . Every time the track had races we lived with noise that rattled our home life. That said, I miss Arcadia, I miss the days and nights of the smell of the green and view of the Angeles National Forest, but that is all gone now with the smog so bad even after a rain it still smells of smog and views of the mountains all but obscured by layers of soot. Very sad.

    Now to the topic at hand. Arcadia is a class act, hopefully will be for many years to come. Part of being a classy society is to have a good foundation in all life and the appreciation of the beauty of the arts. Mathematics, Music, Science’s, Literature, Art and Artistic expression of all these and many more. I grew up next door to Mrs. Lamers, (please forgive me if I misspelled her name) who was a opera vocal instructor whom my now deceased brother took lessons from. I did not have an appreciation for the music then but as I grew I learned it was an essential part of life to society. We now know that Wolfgang Amadeus was a cad to many who knew him yet now in the future he is one of the most influential music composers in history. Rubens and Michelangelo both did nude work in art and both are seen as masters of their given trade. Michelangelo was a master sculpture but was ordered to paint the Sistine Chapel ceiling by the Pope of his era. His work was one of the most renowned works in history. Many don’t know this but the next Pope to come into power was offended at the blatant nudity on ‘HIS’ ceiling, so he ordered another artist to put painted shrouds over the genitalia areas of the ceiling art.

    These paintings done in fresco would not take the paint but only lay on the surface until the 20th century when in the course of cleaning the ceiling that this was discovered. While the cleaning continued the shrouds pealed away to reveal the fact that Michelangelo was keenly aware of the female anatomy, in minuet details. He was once believed to be homosexual because of the crypts he worked on for members of church aristocracy. Breast on many looked like bowls set onto the chest of female sculptures just were not realistic. Why so then if he had such a clear visual understanding of the female form? It is a simple explanation, speed and accuracy did not pay well while the crypt needed to be finished in a timely manor it did not need to be that accurate, look at it this way he gave the model the equivalent of breast augmentation for lack of a better explanation.

    Now lets understand one thing here an expression of thought into art of any kind takes a great deal of study and effort by the artistic mind be it music, painting, science or literature and that it will sometimes upset some and give others enjoyment. But none the less it gives a mental and in some cases a physical response. Do we have the right to be critical of the art, yes and no. The artist expects a response and many enjoy seeing the anger, joy, fear, ecstasy, and revulsion by the patrons of the museums and galleries that display their work.

    Bo Derek, weather you like it or not is and will always be an artist who desires to express art in her given medium, film. Who are we to decide if she is or is not good at her art is not for the common people of society try to understand or judge.

    The fact is this, Man makes art of what he is and Art makes man who his is. Art is all very relative since the first cave and rock paintings and will continue to be that way in the far future. Art is human kinds way of saying this is what is of importance to me at this time, right now. Interesting to note the nude is in every art form found through out the world. Look at an art history book some time when you visit the library you will see nudes all through it. Why because man makes art in his image and shall do so for ever.

    Name calling only goes to prove the persons lack of thought and education of the passed in any given area. Was David a slut for posing for Michelangelo? I think not. Brave absolutely! Confident in his stance for the artist, you bet.

    Now as to Bo Derek and the jockey/ actress Chantal Sutherland superb efforts to both WOMEN for doing such a wonderful expression of eight different disciplines, The grace of the well trained horse and beautifully sired stock, The awesome architecture and furnishings of Santa Anita Park’s Chandelier Room, Chantal’s physical form with the obvious strength and stamina to be on her toes for I am sure many times through out the day, she is not only a jockey but also an actress/modeling and literature which take great skill in all disciplines and then Mrs. Derek who also has studied acting/modeling, photography and literature which again takes great many hours of study and dedication to be any of these in a singular field and all have done very well for themselves as artists.

    The city board took on this issue as a society of educated and informed people. When anyone calls anyone of these entities a ‘SLUT’ they only prove to the rest of society their lack of class and self righteousness toward their fellow humans. In other words they become the word they used to disparage the other. Now that is shameful.

    By the way I am an artist, sculptor, water-paint painter and photographer and not a master at any of them, in the greater LA area. I endeavor to be though. Please remember when you look at art for any reason it is someones heart in that work and not yours to decide if it is even art or not. Just enjoy or not that is your right to do. Nothing else matters as to how much or how little.

    Our society is suffering from a deficit of tact and class in many respects, try to remember that in the future.

  23. Richie says

    Personally, I do not see anything wrong with this photo. To call someone vile names because of it shows one’s ignorance. Being a Christian is used very loosely too because it is clearly stated in the Bible that only God can judge and none of us are allowed to judge others! All of us are sinners and are all loved and forgiven by God unconditionally. He also requires us to love each other unconditionally. That is apparently lost my some individuals!

  24. Joe says

    Scarlett Johansson, Keira Knightley, Demi Moore, Gisele, Lady Gaga, Kate Winslet, Jessica Simpson have all posed nude for Vanity Fair. What about all the athletes who have posed nude for ESPN?

    Are they all sluts and 2 bit hookers? No longer role models for kids?