Paul E. Van Fleet

Paul Van Fleet

Post-election update April 8, 2014: I would like to thank the 463 Arcadia residents that voted for me in the April 8, 2014 election. I am very humbled by the show of faith you have in me. Though one would always like to win that was not in the cards/stars for me today. As I have said all race long I was honored to run against a field of such fine men. I feel that I ran a clean, honest, fair and positive campaign for which I can hold my … [Read more...]

Sho Tay

Sho Tay

Update #2 on April 1: I'm giving away free stamps this week! So far about 3,600 ballots have been cast, out of about 30,000 registered voters. That is only 12%. I believe the more voters, the more voices are heard. Since the beginning of my campaign I have been making every effort to get more registered voters to participate in this election. No matter who you vote for, it's important to cast your vote. Some people say the new mail-in … [Read more...]

Thomas Patrick Beck

Thomas Beck

Update April 3: Updated list of people endorsing me... Update March 23: Pleased to see I was one of the picks by the Star-News... Update March 19 Age: 62 Occupation: Retired Attorney/ Volunteer You may also visit my website: These Arcadians have endorsed Tom [Initial List] Mayor Mickey Segal   Mayor Pro Tem John Wuo   Councilman Robert Harbicht   Councilman Gary … [Read more...]

Burton Brink

Burton Brink

Update Sunday, March 16 ENDORSEMENTS (Partial List) Marilyn Daleo Arcadia Firefighters Association Thomas Dea Neal R. Johnson - Chief of Police (Ret.) Arcadia Police Dept. Eugene & Athena Gioia Lowell L. Lachelt Gail Marshall - Former Mayor of Arcadia Joyce Ward  Dr. Matthew Lin Bob Sanderson - Chief of Police (Ret.) Arcadia Police Department Arcadia Police Officer Association Floretta Lauber (Former Mayor of … [Read more...]

Arcadia gets another “F” in history

Scott Hettrick

Updated Monday, March 17: I have to say it's pretty disappointing for a town that prides itself on such high standards in most every way to continue to get an "F" in historical preservation year after year. Especially in a 111-year-old city so rich in history with the 80-year-old Santa Anita Park, First Avenue Middle School that long ago celebrated its centennial, and being the home of Lucky Baldwin who bought and initially owned most of … [Read more...]