Conquering College Apps, Part II


After completing the research and planning based on “Conquering College Apps, Part I,” what should be done next? Essay writing and interviews are some of the most difficult parts of the application, so part two of my college application advice addresses these concerns: Essay Writing College essay topics vary widely depending on the colleges you choose. However, there are some general questions that could help with your writing. Similar … [Read more...]

Supporting non-profits gives her support

Mari Claveran

Chances are you've met or at least seen Mari Claveran. Maybe it was at any of the many high-profile fundraising events produced by Methodist Hospital like Mardi Gras at Santa Anita Park. But chances are greater you would have seen her in the weeks and months leading up to these events -- most likely being solicited to be a sponsor by the slight, dark-haired woman with striking features and a thick and pleasing Spanish accent. Or maybe … [Read more...]

No change but this vote attracts public

scott hettrick of arcadia's best

Nothing changed tonight (June 16, 2015) after the Arcadia City Council voted publicly to stop all work on updating city zoning codes and to continue with a survey of historic buildings everywhere except the Highlands. It's been quite an interesting couple of months of City Council meetings that can leave casual observers shaking our heads with puzzlement on a number of levels. As always, the City Council spent hours upon hours … [Read more...]

8th grader video tips for success


After many successful experiences as the FBLA and ASB president, Drum Major at Dana Middle School, CEO of uScribe, and champion at the CA State Science Fair, many parents and students have personally asked me how I have been able to balance all of my extra-curricular activities and academics, and excel. In the following video, I have outlined tips and skills that have been essential in the careers of many successful scholars and well-rounded … [Read more...]

Homes, old/new, big/traditional

scott hettrick of arcadia's best

Living in what is called South Arcadia, every day for the past quarter-century I drive, ride my bike, or walk past a variety of homes of varying architectural styles and size. More new homes continue to be built every year. The pictures below (click photos to enlarge) are homes on a single street over only a couple of blocks that I recently rode past on my bicycle. I was struck by the sharp contrast in size and style, and wondered which … [Read more...]

Conquering College Apps, Part I


College applications are often the bane of high school students’ existence. Tons of paperwork, essays and payments ominously await incoming seniors and their parents. Though it seems daunting, the process is not that difficult if you plan ahead and start early. Here is part one of my college application advice: Start in the Summer College applications take a lot of brainpower. The prompts are quite challenging, so starting early will give you … [Read more...]

Our Paradise by Youth Council


You couldn't buy an acre of land in Arcadia for $200,000 nowadays but in 1875 one “lucky” man purchased 8,000 acres that included all of what we now know as Arcadia plus parts of what would become Sierra Madre, Monrovia, and other neighboring cities. “Lucky” Baldwin, or Elias J. Baldwin, bought that 8,000 acres of fertile land for a mere $200,000 from Harris Newmark, land that when he first saw it caused him to famously exclaim, “By Gads! This is … [Read more...]

Carol Ulrich tributes

Carol Ulrich

On Tuesday, May 19, 2015, the Arcadia City Council closed their meeting in honor of Carol Ulrich, wife of former City Council Member Peter Ulrich. Carol died the previous Wednesday, May 13. The next night the final performance of the season of  the Kaleidoscope classical music concerts at the Arcadia Public Library was dedicated to the memory of Carol, who was a regular attendee of the concerts with Peter, a longtime member of the Arcadia … [Read more...]