I was nailed by Arcadia Police

Scott Hettrick

I got a speeding ticket from an Arcadia policeman Friday morning. It's going to be a big one because I was driving well in excess of the posted limit; only for about two seconds, mind you, and there was little traffic and no pedestrians or school kids. I was running late to meet a half-dozen people sitting on a city shuttle bus waiting for me to join them so we could be driven to Long Beach, so I came around a corner and stepped in the gas just … [Read more...]

California Girls State 2014

Emily Zheng

One of the most valuable hidden gems in California, California Girls State is an experience of a lifetime for high school junior girls. Many people, including myself, did not know about this program in-depth before attending, but it is truly a life-changing experience that positively empowers girls and instills the basic ideals and principles of American government. What is Girls State? It is a week-long leadership program of the American Legion … [Read more...]

Police Wow local residents

Glen Oyoung

APD Rolls out Blue Carpet for Leadership Academy Chief Guthrie Shares Vision, Taste of Police Work The word “hero” is used quite frequently regarding our first responders, particularly in our post-9/11 world. After the most recent Leadership Academy session, I definitely cannot think of a more fitting term for the men and women who serve us in the Arcadia Police Department and I’m sure my fellow attendees would agree. The Community … [Read more...]

Serving our students

Emily Zheng

It was ruled less than a week ago in court that California teachers are no longer secured under tenure, laid off on seniority alone, or guaranteed extra job safeguards not enjoyed by other school employees. The seniority system that has protected both effective and ineffective California public school teachers was struck down Tuesday, June 10 and may serve as a model of hiring and firing policies across the nation. Back in 8th grade, I … [Read more...]

33% freedom of speech, 67% short

Glen Oyoung

33% of Freedom of Speech is 67% Short Arcadia Sign Law Is Illegal & Divisive City of Arcadia Municipal Code 9262.4.14. ALLOWABLE AREA FOR IDENTIFICATION. With regard to any business in the City, applicable to the signs listed here, no more than one-third (1/3) of the sign area of each such sign(s) may contain a non-English translation of the business identification; the remaining sign area identification shall be set forth in the … [Read more...]

Coding School Returns to Arcadia


This Summer, CodePrep, a computer science school based in Arcadia that was founded by Arcadia High School alumni, is back with new courses that will expand coding knowledge, no matter what skill level. Three new classes are currently available: Intro to Web Development Intro to Java Programming Intro to Python Programming Depending on which course they choose, students will be able to build a game of Flappy Bird, Tetris, or … [Read more...]

Carcadia on biggest race day


Today was the biggest annual day in auto racing -- "Racing's Greatest Day" --  that I look forward to every year, Formula 1's highest-profile race of the year, the Grand Prix of Monaco, followed by "The Greatest Spectacle in Racing," the Indianapolis 500, and ending with NASCAR's longest race of the season, the Coca-Cola 600. Once in awhile there is an additional compelling element added, an attempt by a driver to compete in both the Indy … [Read more...]

Van Kirk first Caltech sports honoree class

Larry Stewart

Caltech, the Pasadena school known for its academic standing, made some news over the weekend for athletic achievements, inducting the first class into its new sports Hall of Honor on Sunday, May 18, 2014. Among the inductees was prominent Arcadia resident Dick Van Kirk. There were nine athletes, including Phil Conley, one world’s top-rated javelin throwers in the late 1950s, one team (the 1969-70 conference champion wrestling team), and … [Read more...]