8th grader video tips for success


After many successful experiences as the FBLA and ASB president, Drum Major at Dana Middle School, CEO of uScribe, and champion at the CA State Science Fair, many parents and students have personally asked me how I have been able to balance all of my extra-curricular activities and academics, and excel. In the following video, I have outlined tips and skills that have been essential in the careers of many successful scholars and well-rounded … [Read more...]

Liu: The Sierra Trek

Benjamin Liu, sixth grader at Dana Middle School, CEO of uScribe

We marched like solid men in the frontiers. We were boy scouts on a mission to blaze through the backpacking trails of the Sierra Nevadas, explore the lush wildlife, and spend time away from the bustling city streets, computers, and polluted air. From the adventurous troop 174, the 30 of us (primarily composed of scouts led by Scout Master Mr. Kerry Fortner) tackled a nine-day journey into widespread 75 miles of backpacker’s heaven. The … [Read more...]

Student: Turkish Gold


My heart rhythm curiously adjusted to the ecstatic music of the local Istanbul musicians. They tickled the ivory keys ever so elegantly and danced their fingers ever so effortlessly on their golden instruments. As I strode down along the open air markets, my gait, along with my emotions, synchronized with the hundreds of elated native Turkish families. The smell of exotic spices, Turkish pastries, herbal teas, and traditional fresh fruits and … [Read more...]

Placating bullying situations

Benjamin Liu, sixth grader at Dana Middle School, CEO of uScribe

Playful rough-housings and simple insults make up the components and base of developing a bully. You don’t know how much it can change one’s life, to appear like an old dusted photograph, to have once appeared as the sun, but now a frail and helpless child vulnerable to every aspect of betrayal and sinister remarks. People have to be bullied all throughout their lives to understand how they work and how society cannot change the … [Read more...]

Serving homeless on Thanksgiving

Benjamin Liu, sixth grader at Dana Middle School, CEO of uScribe

On Thanksgiving Day my brothers and I participated in an incredibly inspiring event organized by Flintridge Prep School’s KEY Club where students and volunteers prepared and served dishes of traditional Thanksgiving food to the homeless people in Pasadena. It was one of the most influential and jubilant experiences for me to see these cheerful and happy faces when I handed out the food. I was also touched that our student volunteers were … [Read more...]

How to Support Belief in America


How to Support Your Real Belief in America; 3 rules to make this election the best fight Poll analysis and government analysis on past presidential election records have confirmed that this 2012 election has been full of twists and confusion. It has been by far the closest race in over 7 decades of past presidential elections. Every American sees the future of this country in their minds, but the question is, which president … [Read more...]

Blogger Liu’s sibling admiration


Dearest Brother Vick Liu, My words may deceive some such as you, for not in my11 years of living have I ever crossed upon the affectionate and brotherly feeling to conclude of my jealousy, appreciation, and love to my oldest veteran. This letter is of only appreciation and the persuasion of your successful and destined life that leaves all of us in ecstasy and envy. The truth is: all these years, we meant each other the best of feelings … [Read more...]

Liu at Stanford, Hopkins Pt 2

Screams of elation and eruptions of laughter and cheering blowing up into the Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Talented Youth (CTY) part of the Stanford University campus never subsided. Even at night they would be associated with whispering trills of happiness. Several people around the world can associate the word FUN with many meanings and interpret the word in many perspectives. For some teenagers it means paralyzing their hands on the … [Read more...]