California Girls State 2014

Emily Zheng

One of the most valuable hidden gems in California, California Girls State is an experience of a lifetime for high school junior girls. Many people, including myself, did not know about this program in-depth before attending, but it is truly a life-changing experience that positively empowers girls and instills the basic ideals and principles of American government. What is Girls State? It is a week-long leadership program of the American Legion … [Read more...]

Serving our students

Emily Zheng

It was ruled less than a week ago in court that California teachers are no longer secured under tenure, laid off on seniority alone, or guaranteed extra job safeguards not enjoyed by other school employees. The seniority system that has protected both effective and ineffective California public school teachers was struck down Tuesday, June 10 and may serve as a model of hiring and firing policies across the nation. Back in 8th grade, I … [Read more...]

Coding School Returns to Arcadia


This Summer, CodePrep, a computer science school based in Arcadia that was founded by Arcadia High School alumni, is back with new courses that will expand coding knowledge, no matter what skill level. Three new classes are currently available: Intro to Web Development Intro to Java Programming Intro to Python Programming Depending on which course they choose, students will be able to build a game of Flappy Bird, Tetris, or … [Read more...]

A “Program” for tech success


Want to become part of the computer science revolution that is taking place in colleges across the globe and in Silicon Valley? Andy Qin, a sophomore at UC Berkeley pursuing a B.A. in Computer Science, and Jon Ma, Valedictorian of Arcadia High School's Class of 2011 and former Student Body President, recently founded CodePrep, a 6 week Python and Web Development course for 13 to 18 year-olds in the San Gabriel Valley area. CodePrep is … [Read more...]

Out of Classroom Curriculum

With one of the biggest weeds I pulled that day!

In Arcadia High School's AP Environmental Science (APES) classes, students are required to have at least eight hours of "service learning," an activity that connects classroom curriculum with serving the community through environmental service projects. Different types of service learning include, but are not limited to, beach clean-ups, river or stream clean ups, tree planting, fire restoration, trail maintenance, organizing a recycling … [Read more...]

Free flute group lessons


Join Fun Flute Club’s third year with free weekly group lessons for elementary school flute students enrolled in their school’s music program! The last two years were absolutely amazing (see the video below!), so I am looking forward to another great year! Some of Fun Flute Club’s goals are to help elementary school music students master flute technique and tonality, develop a passion for music, and build confidence in their … [Read more...]

Diversity of History in Arcadia High

Emily Zheng

History is a part of our lives, and paves the paths for our futures. However, amidst challenging college-level courses and extracurricular activities, the average high school student must find a way to balance their school lives with their social lives among their priorities. Yet, many students in Arcadia High School have a passion for history, and apply this interest by joining organizations such as Academic Decathlon, History Bowl, and … [Read more...]

La Vie en France


Ever since I first stepped into my French classroom on the first day of freshman year, I have loved France and its language and culture. So when I heard that Arcadia High School students had an opportunity to travel to France during Spring Break of 2013, I immediately seized the opportunity to explore the fantastic country first hand. Enjoy the highlights of my trip in the video montage of photos below! <Editor’s Note: blogger Emily … [Read more...]