Water, money-saving tip from Glasco


Arcadia resident, realtor and elected city Clerk Gene Glasco has been enjoying big savings on water usage and his bills at his home for months, and has shared his secret -- simply attaching a hot water re-circulation system and timer to your water heater -- on his Arcadia Inside Out blog here... … [Read more...]

Our Paradise by Youth Council


You couldn't buy an acre of land in Arcadia for $200,000 nowadays but in 1875 one “lucky” man purchased 8,000 acres that included all of what we now know as Arcadia plus parts of what would become Sierra Madre, Monrovia, and other neighboring cities. “Lucky” Baldwin, or Elias J. Baldwin, bought that 8,000 acres of fertile land for a mere $200,000 from Harris Newmark, land that when he first saw it caused him to famously exclaim, “By Gads! This is … [Read more...]

Sho Tay: Know your neighbor


Planting fruit trees is one of my hobbies; it is rewarding to see my hard work turned into the fruits of labor; I also enjoy gardening in my leisure time. A few years ago while visiting a good friend I was amazed by the many different kinds of fruit trees in his back yard; when I saw orange, tangerine, lemon and grapefruit growing from the same citrus tree, I was impressed. I also saw several different types of pears hanging on the same … [Read more...]

Police Wow local residents

Glen Oyoung

APD Rolls out Blue Carpet for Leadership Academy Chief Guthrie Shares Vision, Taste of Police Work The word “hero” is used quite frequently regarding our first responders, particularly in our post-9/11 world. After the most recent Leadership Academy session, I definitely cannot think of a more fitting term for the men and women who serve us in the Arcadia Police Department and I’m sure my fellow attendees would agree. The Community … [Read more...]

33% freedom of speech, 67% short

Glen Oyoung

33% of Freedom of Speech is 67% Short Arcadia Sign Law Is Illegal & Divisive City of Arcadia Municipal Code 9262.4.14. ALLOWABLE AREA FOR IDENTIFICATION. With regard to any business in the City, applicable to the signs listed here, no more than one-third (1/3) of the sign area of each such sign(s) may contain a non-English translation of the business identification; the remaining sign area identification shall be set forth in the … [Read more...]

City kicks off leadership academy

Glen Oyoung

Colorful Pie Charts and Blazing Sirens Mark First Two Sessions This month of May marked the kick-off of the City of Arcadia’s Leadership Academy program, a new initiative developed by city staff to educate residents about city operations, provide city management a means to understand Arcadians’ needs, and to develop the next generation of civic leaders and volunteers. The Academy is the idea of City Manager Dominic Lazzaretto, who brought … [Read more...]

Coffee with cops at mall


On March 20th the Arcadia Police Department hosted its second “Coffee with a Cop” at Westfield Santa Anita. The first one, held at the McDonald’s on Foothill in December, was such a success that APD’s Community Outreach Office decided to try to hold these events quarterly. At March’s event several officers, detectives, and command staff represented APD. There were also pilots from the Foothill Air Support Team (FAST), including one APD … [Read more...]

Carcadia 66 biggest yet

Glen Oyoung

On Sunday, February 23rd, Route 66 played host to the biggest Carcadia @ Route 66 ever. More than 65 cars of all makes and models from extremely rare classics to late model imports showed up at the parking lot behind the Arcadia Denny’s located at Huntington Drive & Santa Anita Avenue. With those cars came the biggest crowd ever with approximately 100 drivers and spectators. (Photo albums at Facebook.com/Carcadia66.) Now on only its … [Read more...]