Arcadia gets another “F” in history

Scott Hettrick

Updated Monday, March 17: I have to say it's pretty disappointing for a town that prides itself on such high standards in most every way to continue to get an "F" in historical preservation year after year. Especially in a 111-year-old city so rich in history with the 80-year-old Santa Anita Park, First Avenue Middle School that long ago celebrated its centennial, and being the home of Lucky Baldwin who bought and initially owned most of … [Read more...]

Rhinos, zebras and falls, oh my!


It was to be yet another eye-opening and perception-altering trip to another part of the globe. There were no issues with violence, crime, disease or health. For good or bad, there were no National Geographic-type images of tribal life; but wow did we see spectacular and lush green and colorful landscapes and aerial views, as well as vineyards and wineries comparable to Napa Valley. And traveling was as easy and inexpensive as could be imagined … [Read more...]

High School “Dinner” comedy another delight

Scott Hettrick

The Arcadia High School Theatre Department has done it again; The Man Who Came to Dinner is an amusing comedy that offers a delightful evening of entertainment for students and adults. Tonight's Friday night second performance is sold out but there are a few tickets left for Saturday's show at 6 p.m. Nov. 16 (tickets at Arcadia Stage). Those with VIP and Founders reserved seats must arrive at least 15-minutes before the start of the show Friday … [Read more...]

Santa Anita 2.0: technological elegance


The new top exec of Santa Anita Park,  Keith Brackpool, says a frightening and tiny percentage of  people even know that the iconic 79-year-old track even exists, let alone visit the Great Race Place. Although he praised marketers for doing a good job of attracting people to the venue by staging concerts, festivals, etc., the chairman of track owner Frank Stronach's California operations said, "We've done an appalling job of getting them to come … [Read more...]

Yabba dabba do in Abu Dhabi, Dubai

Scott Hettrick

It may be in the Middle East geographically but you could actually call it the New West. The United Arab Emirates, specifically and especially Abu Dhabi and Dubai, is a very Westernized area of the Middle East, despite being next door to Saudia Arabia, just a short distance across the Persian Gulf from Iran and Pakistan, and not far down the Gulf beach from Iraq. I had a chance to spend a week in those two of the seven emirates a couple … [Read more...]