Carcadia on biggest race day


Today was the biggest annual day in auto racing -- "Racing's Greatest Day" --  that I look forward to every year, Formula 1's highest-profile race of the year, the Grand Prix of Monaco, followed by "The Greatest Spectacle in Racing," the Indianapolis 500, and ending with NASCAR's longest race of the season, the Coca-Cola 600. Once in awhile there is an additional compelling element added, an attempt by a driver to compete in both the Indy … [Read more...]

Inspirational AHS senior students

Scott Hettrick

There was a movie in the 1980s called "Soapdish," in which Sally Field played an ego-fragile actress who, when she re-affirmation of her stardom and popularity, would stop in a shopping mall and soak up all the adolation from random fans. Here in Arcadia, if you ever need a boost of inspiration, it can be found each year at the annual Public Schools Luncheon hosted by the Masons at the Arcadia Masonic Center, where an amazing group of … [Read more...]

Power outages ripple impacts

Scott Hettrick

The electricity went out again Wednesday early afternoon -- starting during the lunch hour -- in much of central Arcadia. It affected many residents as well as Westfield Santa Anita mall, the L.A. County Arboretum, the Arcadia High School and First Avenue Middle School. It also knocked out street lights for at least 90-minutes and, in some cases, more than eight hours. One sometimes wonders if Southern California Edison fully understands … [Read more...]

Council sea change; wave of civility

Scott Hettrick

Former Mayor John Wuo was elected Mayor once again by his new fellow Council Members Tuesday night and announced a theme of “Working Together” for the coming year. And former Mayor Gary Kovacic was elected Mayor Pro Tem. Three newly-elected Council Members were sworn in by City Clerk Gene Glasco – Tom Beck, Sho Tay, and Roger Chandler (see updated story about election results here)– the most at one time in anyone’s memory, certainly for … [Read more...]

Arcadia gets another “F” in history

Scott Hettrick

Updated Monday, March 17: I have to say it's pretty disappointing for a town that prides itself on such high standards in most every way to continue to get an "F" in historical preservation year after year. Especially in a 111-year-old city so rich in history with the 80-year-old Santa Anita Park, First Avenue Middle School that long ago celebrated its centennial, and being the home of Lucky Baldwin who bought and initially owned most of … [Read more...]