Royalty in Model A’s to Flapper party


With colorful bow ties and pinstripe suits, Arcadia Chamber of Commerce and City officials chauffered to the iconic Prince Erik Hall in vintage Model A automobiles Thursday, April 23, 2015, could have passed for Depression-era gangsters on their way to a bank heist if we had been carrying violin cases secretly packing tommy guns. But when the three cars rolled up at the 1924 iconic Prince Erik Hall, our trumpeted arrival by Arcadia High School … [Read more...]

Citizen Leahy leaves ‘em laughing


Jim Leahy said his wife and fellow Citizen of the Year Award recipient Terry Leahy took the honor she refers to as "COY" so seriously that when Jim was recently cut off in traffic and was about to confront the offender, Terry quickly reminded him about his obligation to live up to the award by yelling out "COY!" "COY!," which stopped him in his tracks. It also made for an anecdote that drew roars of laughter from the crowd of more than 220 people … [Read more...]

Singpoli’s shining showcase


If you are not familiar with the wide-reaching expertise, services, companies, restaurants, hotels, and even horse-racing and TV businesses of Singpoli all over the world, the myriad ventures of the company formed and owned by Arcadia resident Kin Hui are showcased in the beautiful new SingpoliBrochure. As Hui says in his opening letter, Singpoli is a combination of three Chinese words that combine to define the company's mission of honestly … [Read more...]

History: Chamber was there


Chambers of Commerce have been around for more than 400 years and pre-date the Declaration of Independence and Revolutionary War in the United States. A presentation called "The Chamber was There" at the Arcadia Chamber of Commerce's annual Planning Conference Thursday (Jan. 22, 2015) noted that Chambers have been responsible for or played an integral role in thousands of major achievements including the Golden Gate Bridge, Hoover Dam, Pony … [Read more...]

Derby owner invests heavily in eatery


Updated Feb. 19, 2015 Dustin Nicolarsen, owner of The Derby, is so excited and confident about the future of his restaurant that he exercised the option to purchase the property last year, put $100,000 into a remodel of the patio in time for last year's Breeders' Cup, put $50,000 into a masonry twin-sided fireplace, and just spent $40,000 on a sprinkler system. "I didn't dump all this money into The Derby just to sell it," Nicolarsen told … [Read more...]

Leahys named Citizens of the Year


Jim and Terry Leahy have been named Citizens of the Year by the Arcadia Chamber of Commerce. The longtime Arcadia residents who have donated years of their lives to support and make tremendous improvements in Arcadia schools and local organizations will be recognized during the Chamber's annual Installation Dinner sponsored by Singpoli on March 26 at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, 924 W. Huntington Drive in Monrovia. Tickets ($65 for … [Read more...]

City buys, closes 100-to-1 bar


The 100-to-1 cocktails bar, which closed earlier this month, will officially become the property of the City of Arcadia this week following a recent agreement between the City and the property owners. The City is paying roughly the appraised fair market value of $1.4 million and will eventually receive proceeds from the sale of the liquor license, according to City Manager Dominic Lazzaretto. Lazzaretto says the City will retain the iconic … [Read more...]

Readers: Arcadia has best places


Congratulations to nearly 70 businesses in Arcadia that were named winners in the Beacon Media (includes Arcadia Weekly) annual Readers' Choice awards for 2014 (nearly 50 are also members of the Arcadia Chamber of Commerce): Hot Spots / Hot Spots / Hot Spots - Botanical Gardens: Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanical Gardens (Gold) - Bowling: AMF Bowling Square Lanes (Gold) - Golf Courses Santa Anita Golf … [Read more...]